CO2 Monitor
Sviluppo di tecniche innovative per il monitoraggio dei siti di stoccaggio dell'anidride carbonica (CO2)
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Project's publications:

Work package 1: In-situ geophysical tests.
Work package 2: Fluid flow and microseismicity due to CO2 injection.
Ba, J., Cao, H., Carcione, J. M., Tang, G.,Yan, X.-F., Sun, W.-T., and Nie, J.-X., 2013, Multiscale rock-physics template for gas detection in carbonate reservoirs, J. Appl. Geophys., 93, 77-82.
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Work package 3: Detection of CO2 leakages to the atmosphere.
Work package 4: Impact of leakages on marine ecosystems.
Celussi M., Franzo A., Beran A., Cerrino F., Di Poi E., Fornasaro D., Del Negro P., De Vittor C., Effect of CO2-induced pH decrease on biogeochemical properties at a shallow coastal marine site (northern Adriatic Sea): a mesocosm study. In preparation...
Franzo A., Celussi M., Cibic T., Del Negro P., De Vittor C., Effect of CO2-induced pH decrease on shallow benthic microbial communities at a coastal marine site (northern Adriatic Sea): a mesocosm study. In preparation...

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