CO2 Monitor
Development of innovative techniques for monitoring of storage sites of carbon dioxide (CO2)
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Project tasks:

Work Package 1 (230 k€): In-situ geophysical tests. Flavio Poletto and Gualtiero Böhm.

• Geophysical characterization of the OGS-Pitop site from seismic experiments.
Electric logs to estimate the resistivity.
• Tomography inversion for velocity and analysis of the Q factor.
• Simulation of CO2 injection and geophysical data.

Work Package 2 (120 k€): Fluid flow and microseismicity due to CO2 injection.
José M. Carcione, Davide Gei, Stefano Picotti and Fabio Cavallini.

• One and two-phase fluid flow modeling to obtain pressure and saturation.
• Analytical solutions of two-phase fluid flow.
• A seismic model to relate the elastic properties to porosity, saturation, fluid type and permeability.
• EM modeling and tomography cross-well and surface to well.
• Acoustic emission and recording at the well and surface.
• A method to locate the micro-fracture cloud.

Work Package 3 (260 k€): Detection of CO2 leakages to the atmosphere. Michela Vellico.

• Identification of the best solution (from satellite, air and land systems) to detect CO2 leakages to the atmosphere.
• Test of the remote-sensing system. The Latera Caldera.

Work Package 4 (240 k€): Impact of leakages on marine ecosystems. Cinzia De Vittor.

• Study of fatigue effects induced on micro-organisms by pH variations due to CO2 emissions.
• CO2 induced variations on energy-transfer processes related to the trophic web.
• CO2-induced chemical diffusion processes at the water-sediment interface.
• Accumulation of toxic substances transported by CO2 flow from sediments in bivalves.
• Improvement of the monitoring techniques.

Area Science Park (120 k€): Laura Minen and Riccardo Priore.

• Definition of the state of the art related to CCS projects.
• Analysis of the project results and conclusions to identify technology-transfer opportunities.
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